Russian Terminator Shot Twice, Wrecks Assailant’s Car Like He’s Straight Out Of Street Fighter

Another week, another insane video of Russian road rage. It’s as if Russia has a monopoly on road rage videos. This whole fight is intense and action packed. The fact that Russian Rambo is able to take two bullets and walk them off like they were bee stings shows just how much of a badass he is.

This is one of those videos that I really wish had a little more background in the description. The only info supplied by the article is that,

“Security cameras caught the moment two men ran back to their car, apparently trying to get away from the ‘Rambo of Dzerzhinsky’ and his friends.

One of them then grabbed a gun from his car to defend himself.

But that didn’t stop the angry man from snapping off their car mirror and kicking in their door.

Things went south from there on.”

It really sucks that we don’t know whether or not the Russian Terminator is an aggressor hunting down his target like in Terminator 1, or an awesome bad-ass protecting his friends like in Terminator 2. Either way, it’s clear that it’s pointless to shoot at the Rambo of Dzerzhnsky, since shooting him will only make him mad.

[H/T Metro]