Things Like This Starbucks Getting Pancaked By A Tornado In Under Five Second Are Why I Wake Up In The Morning

That’s must-see TV. Nothing like seeing an entire building topple over like Sloth from The Goonies would if his shoelaces ever got tied together. This is why I’m all in. Fuck all these buildings that don’t fall over. What’s the entertainment value in that? That being said, Mother Nature routinely boggles my mind. First of all, if she’s a mother, she’s vengeful as fuck and also has the worst parenting skills of all time. She just lets her children (humanity) do whatever we want. We cut down the forests, use an excess of fossil fuels, dump our hazardous waste into large bodies of water. I mean, we just get to run around unchecked and figuratively take dumps all over her living room (planet Earth). And then, as punishment, she just fucking kills us and destroys the things we have built in her space. Why isn’t there a middle ground? Maybe Mother Nature could like arrange a rock formation that would spell out “Stop Destroying The Earth” or something before she starts toppling over every Starbucks that stands in her way.

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