A Tiger Saving His Zookeeper From A Potential Leopard Attack Proves That Love Is Blind To Species

I’m not really big animal guy. I don’t actively hate them but I don’t go out of my way to interact with them. For instance, I just do not relate to all of those memes that white girls repost about hanging out with dogs at a party instead of people. If a dog comes over to me and licks spilled beer off my shoes or something, whatever, I’ll pet it. But I’m not moving away from the keg or free food to go pet a dog.

So I don’t fully understand people who become zookeepers and the like. Just seems like a lot of animal time. You start talking to them, start eating with them, starting sleeping with them and all of the sudden you’re cutting your thumbs off to become more like them. The only thing that separates humans from animals is opposable thumbs. You take away a man’s thumbs and it’s only a matter of days before he starts trying to eat his neighbor’s face off. Regardless, before they try to become animals, they’ll at least try and hang out with them and fit in. Which is exactly what this man at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico was doing when a leopard tried to attack him.

Look, zoologist, reservist, humanitarian, whatever the fuck this guy calls himself, I’m not one of them. Despite this, I’m pretty positive that leopard looked like it was attacking. Some people on the Internet seem to think that the leopard was not in fact attacking and was just trying to play or something. I absolutely disagree. That cat wanted a slice of man. According to Daily Mail, this footage is from like 8 months ago, but I don’t think it detracts from the fact that a tiger saved this guy from getting mauled by a leopard. Plus, I’m not sure how similar large cats are to sharks, but I feel like once blood hits their snouts, it’s open fucking season. This guy could have gone from a cut on his leg to a Fillet de Jungle Cat in less than thirty seconds.