Hot Take Tomi Lahren Unloads On Jesse Williams’ BET Speech In Angry Rant, May Need A Drink

tomi lahren jesse williams

This is the way of the internets bros. Someone says something compelling and/or controversial, the opposition makes an over-the-top counter argument in an attempt to stomp out the movement, and in the end we all just creatures who eat, sleep, and shit while waiting for our inevitable death.   …I’m fighting some demons.

Where were we?

Oh yes! So you likely remember actor Jesse Williams’ sentiment about institutionalized racism and equality in his BET Awards speech that went super viral this week. The speech was extremely eloquent, poetic even, to the point where by the end of it, there wasn’t one person in their seat. It prompted many celebrities and public figures to express their public approval, including Justin Timberlake, who was hung on a cross for tweeting ‘#Inspired.’ The outrage in 2016, sometimes it’s mind-boggling, bros.

Speaking of outrage, no one is more proficient in that department than Hot Take Tomi Lahren. Tomi has taken shots at Jay Z, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, millennials, to name a few. I’m starting to think she needs a drink. Check out her vitriolic reaction to Williams’ speech below.

She was getting some hate so she hit back with an encore. CLASSIC TOMI!

[h/t Uproxx]