A Couple Of Bystanders Saved A Woman From A Burning Car After An Out Of Control Semi Caused A Ten Car Pileup

So first of all, RIP all those cars. But, shockingly, I don’t have to say RIP for any of the people involved. Yeah, that truck driver is 100% losing his job and his license, so essentially his life is over, but he didn’t kill anyone, so his life as a man not going to prison for vehicular manslaughter isn’t over.

Via Coed:

“According to local reports, a tractor trailer involved in the wreck had faulty brakes, according to reports.  The driver, Allen R. Kirkpatrick, 74, of Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, was cited for operating an out of service vehicle.”

So this pretty much just completely validates my opinion that old people shouldn’t be allowed to drive after a certain age. We’ve got a 74 year-old man just plowing through ten cars because he either forgot to get his brakes inspected or actively decided against it. I mean, is this an instance of an old person thinking he was above the law or was this an example of him just forgetting that there are rules he must abide by in order to keep his job? I’m kind of hoping the company can push a little bit of forced retirement here. If only so this doesn’t happen to anyone else (namely me) the next time an old person is behind the wheel of a failing car.