Watch This U.S. Soldier Humiliate An Iraqi Dude In Arm Wrestling If You Call Yourself A True Patriot

I’ve never felt more secure about America’s world dominance than I do right now. Like that video made me feel pre-9/11 secure. It’s great to see U.S. soldiers amicably interacting with the Iraqi commoners but it’s better knowing that this video has made its rounds. If you don’t think Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and any other potential fuckheads are all in a room right now frantically  brainstorming rebuttals, you’re just delusional. Simple as that. Make no mistake this was a ingenuous play by the current Administration. The ol’ fashioned arm wrestling scare ploy. Obama, you crafty little dawg, you. Well timed, too, after ISIS recently released a propaganda video of their shitty little jungle-gym obstacle course training thingy. Cute, but too much theater. Too contrived. Gotta be embarrassing for them to be shown up like this in such a simple but powerful way. Kind of pity them to be honest. I pity them so much I’d offer them to just surrender and disband right now. Wave the white flag. No harm, no foul.

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