Watch This Insane Video Of A High-Speed Chase In New Jersey Involving A Carjacking And A Stolen Police Cruiser

Police have released this intense dashcam footage of a hijacking and high-speed chase along a busy Route 4 in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on Sunday.

Sereymanta Kong, the 22-year-old suspect, stole a police cruiser and was recklessly racing through stop lights and weaving through traffic. The incident started with a botched carjacking involving an SUV with two children inside in Englewood Cliffs. The kids escaped from the car but Kong bolted down a dead end where police had him cornered, but he somehow managed to escape in one of the surrounding officers police cruiser.

Chief Thomas Rowe, of the Leonia Police Department reports,

“Here’s a guy that puts on a police hat, sticks his tongue out at pursuing officers, in my 25 years I’ve never heard of such an act, so that will tell you what type of state of mind he had.”

Kong’s shiftiness behind the wheel caused several police cruisers to collide with one another. Police from numerous districts were involved in the seven town chase before a Leonia officer waited for  an opportune time to execute a fish tail maneuver that finally brought the stolen cruiser to a stop.

Kong was arrested at the scene, but not before he tried to bite several officers. At least five police officers from multiple jurisdictions were sent to the hospital, but all are reported to be okay.

Kong has been charged with three counts each of assault on police, resisting arrest and eluding with serious injury, as well as one count of assault on a corrections officer and various other charges including disarming a police officer, carjacking and obstruction.

His bail has been set at $1,275,000.

Watch the insane footage below.

[h/t ABC7]

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