Violent Seattle Protesters Injure Police With Molotov Cocktails And The Video Footage Is Grade-A Horrifying

Police fire rubber bullets at protesters after they threw rocks and fireworks at them along 2nd Ave at the annual May Day Anti-Capitalist March Sunday, May 1, 2016, in Seattle, Wash. (Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times via AP)


Nothing better than when the first of the month lands on a Monday. That way, if you perchance happen to get a riot that day as well, the riot’s kicking off two things for the price of one. Much like the riot that erupted in Seattle yesterday during the May Day celebration that ended up injuring 5 cops. Via Fox News:

“Seattle police said late Sunday that five officers were injured after anti-capitalist protesters pelted them with rocks, flares, bricks and Molotov cocktails after a May Day gathering in the city turned violent. The department said one of the injured officers was treated for a head laceration after being hit by a rock; a second was injured, but not burned after being hit by a Molotov cocktail; and a third was bitten, though it was not immediately clear by whom. Details on the other two officers’ injuries weren’t immediately available. The station reported that several of the demonstrators carried signs, including one that said,  “We Are Ungovernable.”

Probably the most terrifying part of that whole video is that I’m literally unable to tell where in the world the footage is coming from. My mind is telling me Seattle, but my eyes and ears are telling me the Middle East. The last time I heard about a Molotov Cocktail on American soil I was watching C’s friends die in A Bronx Tale (Spoiler alert if you’ve never seen Bronx Tale: Don’t get too attached to the C’s friends). Whoever thought the city of Seattle would become the platform for long-term societal unrest and violence? Also, the ungovernable stance is a little worrying. Yes, I get that I’m a white dude who could never understand what’s it like and that currently it’s trendy to hate police because of N.W.A. and Beyonce, but calling yourself ungovernable while simultaneously throwing explosives at and biting police officers seems kind of over the top to me. I mean, who bites police officers? That’s like some straight-up crackhead shit. Also, who wants to be ungovernable. I don’t want to be tossed out of America and have to go live in a country where there actually is no government. If anything, I’m highly governable. If the trade-off to having to deal with student loans and having the government search my internet history is being able to call the police when crazy people start throwing Molotov Cocktails through my window, I’m governable. I’m governable as fuck.