The Voice Actor Behind Zapp Brannigan Reading Dumb Donald Trump Quotes Is The Best Part Of This Year’s Election So Far

by 3 years ago

While images of Zapp Brannigan with Donald Trump quotes overlaid on top may have been funny, the actual voice actor, Billy West (who also happens to voice Fry, Professor Fransworth and Zoidberg), reading Donald Trump quotes in Zapp’s voice? Spectacular.

West tweeted a few clips, and regardless of your feelings on Trump you have to admit they’re incredible. They also sound like legitimate shit Zapp Brannigan would say, which normally would be sad since the guy they’re actually from is the official Republican nominee for president, but considering his sinking campaign I think it’s safe to say humor is back in the game (as opposed to the horror that most of us felt at the fact he’d made it this far):

[H/T Kotaku]

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