Here Are The 10 Most Profitable Teams To Bet On In Sports This Year

Sports betting has evolved from a degenerate pastime of your cigar-smoking uncle to a mainstream hobby free of stigma. It’s why companies like DraftKings have claimed to rake in $300-$500 million in annual entry fees alone. Despite the house always winning the aggregate, betting is fun. It can add an exhilarating element to an otherwise meaningless Browns/Bucaneers Week 11 game. It can provide an alternate income stream to us lemmings on a fixed income. It can also get you deep into a never-ending hole of despair, draining your 401K to bet on women’s softball. Please avoid that.

Sports betting site Odds Shark recently revealed the 10 most profitable moneyline teams up to this point in the year across the NBA, NHL and men’s college basketball. When betting on a moneyline, the team you bet on simply needs to win the game outright. Obviously, the odds affect the payouts.

Most profitable moneyline teams across the NBA/NHL/NCAAB (for $100 bettors):

1. Vegas Golden Knights +$2020
2. Detroit Pistons +$1441
3. Phoenix Suns +$1274
4. Boston Celtics +$1228
5. Drexel +$1182
6. Arizona State +$1026
7. Long Beach State +$992
8. Cal Poly +$990
9. Tampa Bay Lightning +$954
10. NC State +$895

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are your best bet in sports, generating a profit of more than $2,000 if you had bet $100 on every game this season. I just became a huge Golden Knights fan. Wait, what sport are they in again?

[h/t For the Win]


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