49ers Safety Jimmie Ward Calls Out D.K. Metcalf And Talks Smack About 2022 Matchup

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San Francisco safety Jimmie Ward and Seattle wide receiver D.K. Metcalf have beef with one another that dates back to 2020. When the 49ers and Seahawks met for a regular season matchup in November, the two got into it on the field.

After the game, Metcalf would not share what was said between the two.

Now, two years later, Ward wants all of the Metcalf smoke once again. The 30-year-old defensive back recently called out the 24-year-old wide receiver.

As speculation continues to swirl around a potential Metcalf trade, Ward begged that Seattle keeps him for at least the matchup between the two teams this season. He wants to line him up.

“D.K. straight,” he said. “I hope that Seattle don’t trade him, man, because it’s gonna be oof, they’re gonna be target practicing boy. But we’re gonna line his a** up.”

The Seahawks lack significant talent in quite a few places and Metcalf will be the go-to target for Drew Lock this fall. That will make it easy for opposing defenses to key on the Ole Miss alumnus even more than they already do.

As Ward continued, he continued to reiterate that he plans to line Metcalf up. He talked a big game about what he and the San Francisco defense plans to do with the Metcalf matchup and once again pleaded with Seattle to keep him around.

“Oh, we’re gonna line his a** up,” Ward said. “Please, please don’t trade him, please let him go through it what the f*ck I’ve been through in my early years. And when they trade a lot of players, and a lot of players retire and this and that. And man I hope they don’t.”

Here are Jimmie Ward’s full comments on D.K. Metcalf: