Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Making ‘Drastic’ Lifestyle Changes As He Spends More Time In L.A.

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In case you somehow hadn’t heard, Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn broke up last week after three years of dating. I know, we were very sad too.

Reportedly it was Rodgers who decided to call it quits, because she was reportedly too “controlling.”

Is it just me or is that code for something else? Anyway, sorry, back to the original point here.

Amid his split from Munn Rodgers has reportedly been making some big changes in his lifestyle, none of which so far seem to include his estranged family.

A insider tells Us Weekly that friends have seen “drastic changes” in the 33-year-old Green Bay Packers quarterback since the football season ended for his team in January. Although Rodgers owns a home in San Diego, he’s been spending an increasing amount of time in nearby L.A.

“He’s been getting weekly facials in Beverly Hills and has also hired Ryan Gosling’s personal stylist to dress him,” the insider tells Us.

The NFL hunk has also been switching up his fitness routine to work out with Nick Jonas, who primarily trains at the star-studded Unbreakable Performance Center. “He used to work out in Calabasas with his teammates during the offseason, but this offseason he’s chosen to work out primarily with Nick Jonas in West Hollywood,” the pal added.

Along with Jonas, the Pro Bowler has been hanging with actor pals Ryan Rottman and Eddie Mills, instead of his usual football crew. “One teammate said, ‘The only time we’ve seen Aaron this offseason is on TMZ leaving Catch,’” the source tells Us of cameras catching Rodgers at the L.A. hot spot.

Now I know what probably 90% of you are going to say here, because I know you guys. You’re going to say that Rodgers’ contract for utilizing Olivia Munn as his beard expired, which is the real reason they broke up and now these new “lifestyle changes” just serve to confirm what his alleged ex-boyfriend said about him.

To that I say, can’t a professional football player just get facials in Beverly Hills, hire a personal stylist and hang out with Nick Jonas in West Hollywood without everyone assuming that he’s gay?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. People’s personal sexual preferences are nobody’s business but their own, right?

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