Adam Schefter’s Chugging Skills Make Aaron Rodgers Look Like An Absolute Pro

adam schefter chugging contest


Social media has made it easier than ever to publicly shame someone, which is exactly what happened to Aaron Rodgers a couple of weeks ago when he showed off his dismal beer-chugging skills while rooting on the Bucks during the Eastern Conference Finals.

Rodgers was promptly shown up by Matthew Stafford but would eventually get the last laugh earlier this week when he threw some shade at the players who bested him in the best way possible.

Well played, Aaron. Well played.

Now, Rodgers can feel a lot better about any shortcomings he may have thanks to Adam Schefter.

On Wednesday, Schefter had his phone surgically removed from his hand so he could participate in a chug-off against Dan Orlovsky on NFL Live, and while the former quarterback managed to hold his own, Schefty decidedly did not.

It appears ESPN frowns upon its employees drinking at work, so the two men started off with a couple of cups of root beer and, well, I’ll just let you watch.

Following the fail, Schefter resorted to the “Oh, it was probably the tie” excuse before taking off his neckwear ahead of the chocolate milk challenge, which went equally poorly.

The duo capped things off with some water, and as you can see, Schefter didn’t fare any better.

Good job, good effort.

If you’re so inclined, you can watch the full segment below.

I need Schefter and Darren Rovell to do this and I need it yesterday. Let’s make it happen, nerds.