The Internet Fired Up The Andy Dalton Meme Machine After The Bears Traded Up To Pick Justin Fields

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On Valentine’s Day 2004, Nina DeLuca accepted my request to go to junior prom. February was a bit premature to ask about an event in May, but I knew she’d be in high demand come April. I was right. Mike Breda, the star linebacker with a jaw chiseled from granite, asked her a full two months after me, and she gave me the ol’ Nevermind. I still think about it in the shower sometimes. 

The Bears just Mike Breda’d poor Andy Dalton less than one month after declaring him:

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Chicago traded up to No. 11 in the NFL Draft to secure shiny new quarterback Justin Fields, effectively giving Dalton $10 million next year to hold a clipboard.

It should be noted that at least publicly, the Bears are still pegging Dalton as their starter and will “have a really good plan in place to develop Justin.”

“Matt [Nagy] has spoken to Andy Dalton tonight; that communication and clarity for us is really important,” General Manager Ryan Pace said Thursday night, via Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Andy is our starter, and we’re gonna have a really good plan in place to develop Justin and do what’s best for our organization and win games.”

This is par for the course for the Bears. In 2017, the organization signed Mike Glennon, told him he’s the starter, and then traded up for Mitchell Trubisky. Why mess with a formula that works? NAHHHT.

In the wake of Fields’ name being called at Number 11 in Thursday night’s Draft, the internet fired up the Meme Machine and came correct.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.