Antonio Brown And Ex-Teammate Ryan Clark Threaten Each Other On Twitter: ‘I Ain’t Hard To Find’

Antonio Brown And Ex-Teammate Ryan Clark Got Into A Beef On Twitter

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What did overlysensitive professional athletes do before the proliferation of TV channels and social media? Did rabbit-eared sports stars get as upset with newspaper articles back in the day as today’s athletes do when someone supposedly disrespects them online?

I ask this question because the king of drama in the NFL ever since he was benched for the final game of the 2018 season for skipped several practices after a heated altercation with Ben Roethlisberger.

Brown has been in the news no less than 40 times since we reported on his benching back on December 31st.

So… guess what? He’s back in the news again today.

This time he and his ex-Steelers teammate Ryan Clark have reignited their beef which began back in January when Brown called Clark an “Uncle Tom” after Clark ripped Brown to shreds on SportsCenter.

The new Raiders wideout lashed out once again on Thursday afternoon, targeting Clark after his former teammate mentioned him on Twitter.

“Bro stop mentioning my name I know it get u clout keep that same analysis energy next time we meet it’s on site ain’t gone spare u,” Brown told CLark on Twitter.

Of course, Clark, much like he did when Deion Sanders Jr. came for him after some criticism of Brown, didn’t back down one bit.

“Was never looking to be spared and you know that!!! Look forward to it. I ain’t hard to find. Shoot, you have a jet!!” Clark wrote back to Brown.

Update: Skip Bayless has weighed in on this because… no idea.

Got your popcorn ready?

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