Antonio Brown Gives His Best Sales Pitch To Reunite With Tom Brady And Join The Buccaneers

Antonio Brown gives his sales pitch to join the Buccaneers with Tom Brady

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Antonio Brown basically lost a season of football last year by being an absolute headache. After forcing his way out of Pittsburgh, the mercurial wide receiver fell into the doghouse with the Oakland Raiders, who had enough of his mess and cut him. Then the New England Patriots signed him, AB played one game, then he got released 12 days later. It’s safe to say the former All-Pro has fallen out of favor with a lot of teams.

But in his short stint with the Patriots, Antonio Brown got to play alongside Tom Brady, where the two developed a relationship off the field, while showcasing a chemistry on it. That’s led to speculation that the two could reunite with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now that Brady’s signed there — which is a big question mark, considering all of the off-the-field issues Brown is still dealing with.

Joining The Mike Calta Show, Brown spoke about the possibility of teaming up again with Brady, as well as gave some generous words when asked about Tampa’s head coach, Bruce Arians, who was AB’s offensive coordinator while in Pittsburgh some years back. Take a listen to the wideout’s sales pitch below — which is clearly only about (somehow) ending up with Brady and the Bucs.

Talk about a serious love fest, right? Antonio Brown knows Tom Brady has defended him over the past year — who, seemingly, is the only guy to do so — so it makes sense that the wideout wants to reunite with the quarterback. Of course, that doesn’t mean it will happen, because there’s a lot that has to get sorted out for it to become a reality.

For instance, when talking to the Adam Schefter podcast back in January, look what Arians had to say about Brown.

Per TMZ Sports:

There could be one big hurdle … earlier this year, Arians pooh-pooh’d the idea of bringing Brown to TB back in January, saying AB was “too much diva” for him.”

“I’ve heard so many stories — I like Antonio — he plays as hard as anybody on Sunday, and he practices hard. He’s just gotta make better decisions off the field, be on time, do some of those little things,” Arians said on The Adam Schefter Podcast.

Not sure a head coach referring to a player as a diva is a good sign, but, hey, maybe everyone can make peace and we see Antonio Brown catching passes from Tom Brady as Bruce Arians calls the plays in from the sideline? I just wouldn’t hold my breath that it’ll happen — no matter how badly AB wants to speak this into existence.

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