Aubrey Huff Very Much Not A Fan Of The First All-Women Broadcast Crew In MLB History

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

If you were to guess how former MLB player Aubrey Huff would take the news of the MLB signing its first all-woman broadcast crew in the league’s history, what would you hypothesize?

Remember, this is the same dude who embarked on a Vaccinations Are For Sissies campaign in May, nearly had a nervous breakdown over his former team incorporating Pride colors into its logo, and mocked LeBron James for carrying a “purse” despite wearing his wife’s underwear in-game for “superstitious” reasons.

If you need further context, here is a screenshot from Huff’s Twitter header.

If you guessed “Sternly Opposed” the all-female broadcast that covered Tuesday’s Oriole’s vs. Rays game, you win a prize.

Some further clarification on Mr. Alpha’s view on women in general:

Cue the micropenis jokes.

It’s gotta be exhausting to be this manly. Huff needs to be informed about the restorative power of a good cry.

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