Bill Burr Absolutely Eviscerates Drake: He Is ‘The Worst Possible Representation Of A Sports Fan’

Bill Burr Rips Drake Worst Possible Representation Of A Sports Fan

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Comedian Bill Burr, much like pretty much every sports fan outside of Toronto, does not like Drake and how he gloms onto winning teams, claiming them as his own.

“I watched a little bit of the NBA Finals and the fact that they’re calling Drake a superfan, it’s just like, I know it’s a business, I know it’s about money, but that guy… is the furthest thing from a superfan,” said Burr. “A superfan is there through thick and thin. Where the f**k has this guy been?”

Burr then talks glowingly about the real Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia, who he points out, gets no screen time.

“All of the sudden, Drake comes in, who’s a super-BANDWAGON-fan, to the point he has to wear a f**kin’ wristband or a headband on his f**kin’ arm because he’s got tattoos of the jerseys of the players on the other f**kin’ team.”

He’s not lying.

“That guy is literally, like the worst representation of of a sports fan you could possibly have,” Burr continued. “Standing up the whole game… you know when you sit behind… you know that f**kin’ a**hole every time somebody takes a three-pointer, they gotta stand up? Or stick their arm up with three fingers in the air like everybody doesn’t know?”

“Going on to the court… getting into the faces of players… having arguments with them… and he is being, like, championed. Like he’s this amazing fan,” added Burr before sideswiping Stephen A. Smith for how he fanboys over Drake and how if Drake were just some plumber he wouldn’t be getting so much love.

“Because it’s Drake, some autotuned singer who evidently has a cell phone, now all of the sudden this f**king guy can go on the f**king court?”

Burr then wonders why Drake can’t just sit there, have some popcorn and enjoy the game.

“It’s like Drake, ‘How many points do you have? How many assists? You’re not in the game. I know you’re wearing half a uniform so you might get a little f**king confused…” said Burr breaking into laughter. “I just don’t understand. It’s nauseating f**king behavior.”

Preach on, Billy Rednuts. Preach on.