Another NFL Player, Broncos’ Brandon Marshall, Was Involved In A Road Rage Incident

Following the shock and devastating news of former New Orleans Saints defender Will Smith’s death last weekend during a small fender bender that occurred over road rage, another NFL player seems to have been involved in a road rage incident, as Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall tweeted about his experience earlier today.

Thankfully for Marshall, nothing more came from the exchange, but it’s scary to think that the player’s Uber driver actually got out of the car to approach another driver—which sounds eerily similar to what happened in the Smith case. On the plus side, I’m sure the driver got a 5-star rating for standing up for this passenger. Still, scary stuff given what happened to Smith.

People are crazy, guys—and you never know who might have a gun in their car—so here’s a bit of advice to avoid anything bad happening—never throw gasoline on a fire when driving.

[H/T TMZ Sports]