Brett Favre Tells Everyone Don’t Watch The News, His Biographer Calls Him ‘An Idiot’

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As the news surrounding his alleged involvement in the ongoing Mississippi welfare fund misappropriation scandal, Brett Favre now has some advice for everyone: stop watching the news.

“If you’re watching the news, depending on who you’re watching, 99.9% of the news is the left. So there’s a huge agenda,” Favre told Donald Trump Jr. on his Triggered podcast. “They control the narrative.”

Naturally, Trump agreed with Favre, who then added, “The best way to squash that is don’t watch it, don’t listen.”

As one would expect, Brett Favre’s hot news take did not go over very well with a lot of people, including author Jeff Pearlman who wrote Brett Favre’s biography Gunslinger.

“I wrote Brett Favre’s biography, ‘Gunslinger.’ I can say with 100 percent certainty the man is an idiot. This is unambiguous,” Pearlman tweeted in response to Favre’s comments about the news.

“Really how desperate is Brett Favre?” someone else asked.

“All my @packers Brett Favre autographed memorabilia just became available, all proceeds go directly to the Common Sense fund. #FkFavre,” another person tweeted.

This isn’t the first time that Brett Favre’s biographer Jeff Pearlman has attempted to distance himself from the Hall of Fame quarterback.

Last fall, Pearlman wrote a series of tweets denouncing the former Packers star.

“On the day of extended Favre revelations, I wanna share something: I wrote a biography of the man that was largely glowing. Football heroics, overcoming obstacles, practical joker, etc. Yes, it included his grossness, addictions, treatment of women. But it was fairly positive,” Pearlman tweeted.

“And, looking at it now, if I’m being brutally honest — I’d advise people not to read it. He’s a bad guy. He doesn’t deserve the icon treatment. He doesn’t deserve acclaim. Image rehabilitation. Warm stories of grid glory. His treatment of @jennifersterger was … inexcusable.

“And now — taking money that was designated to help poor people in HIS STATE, and funneling it to build (checks notes) A F****** VOLLEYBALL ARENA (!?!?!?) is so grotesque, so monstrous. I don’t know how someone like that looks in the mirror. I just don’t.

“So, sincerely, don’t buy the book, don’t take it out from the library. Leave it. There are sooooo many better people worthy of your reading hours. Of your time. I prefer crumbs like Brett Favre shuffle off into the abyss, shamed by greed and selfishness.”

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