Brian Kelly’s Daughter Getting Her Dad To Participate In Viral TikTok Dance Trend Is Pure Gold

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Since arriving in Baton Rouge as the new head coach of Louisiana State University football, Brian Kelly has been dancing— a lot. The 60-year-old has gone viral on multiple occasions for showing off his moves and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Earlier this year, Kelly danced to Garth Brooks alongside his five-star quarterback commit Walker Howard. That was the first video that took off online and he later justified it by saying something along the lines of “if a five-star recruit asks you to dance, you dance.”

Not long thereafter, Kelly was videoed grinding on a tight end recruit who eventually committed to Alabama. It was rather cringeworthy and even Lane Kiffin had jokes. And then he was filmed trying to hit ‘The Griddy’ with a bunch of recruits on a visit to LSU and it did not go well.

Throughout all of this, Kelly has been nothing but open and honest. He doesn’t seem to care what people think and while each dancing video was equally or more awkward as the one before, he continues to go all out. You have to respect him for that. Kelly is unapologetic about his actions and does what he does.

Brian Kelly’s most recent viral TikTok dance is a lot less uncomfortable to watch, but it’s still just as funny.

Kelly’s first and only child, Grace, has an incredible TikTok account. She has her finger right on the pulse and knows exactly what role she plays.

Grace’s most recent TikTok on Thursday afternoon is captioned “POV: when you fix your golf slice.” In the video, she and her father both participate in the viral ‘Fortnite Move, Do It Again’ trend. Take a look:

Maybe Brian Kelly was a dancer in another life. Maybe dance is really his true passion. Whatever it might be, the head coach of LSU can’t stop grooving!