Brian Kelly’s Daughter Grace Is ‘Ready To Get Booed’ As A Senior At Notre Dame And Is Unexpectedly Fast

Brian Kelly Daughter Grace Boo Class Notre Dame Senior

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  • Brian Kelly’s daughter is a senior at Notre Dame, where her father is no longer the head coach.
  • Grace is fully prepared for any hate she might get from her classmates and taking things in stride.
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When Brian Kelly left Notre Dame for LSU, it set the college football world ablaze. Apparently, it set his daughter’s world ablaze as well.

Kelly, who pissed off his his assistants, called a player meeting at 7:00am, met with his players for less than five minutes, got out of South Bend ASAP and has since developed a fake southern accent, is already on the recruiting trail for the Tigers. But he forgot one thing in his wake.

Grace Kelly, his daughter, is a senior at Notre Dame. She got left behind.

Grace recently posted a TikTok that shows her reaction to her father leaving the Irish in the manner that he did. She expects visceral reactions from her fellow students and is “ready to get booed on my way to class every morning.” She isn’t fazed.

One of Grace’s friends also got in on the fun. She posted a TikTok of Kelly capitalizing on the Squid Game-inspired “Red Light, Green Light” trend.

It starts with her very carefully “getting through senior year at Notre Dame.” And then her dad took the LSU job and everything changed.


Wasn’t expecting her to be that fast🐯 @1gracekelly_

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Grace, who takes off running down the hallway when the green light hits, is unexpectedly fast. She is absolutely hauling down the hallway and even her friend referenced Grace’s deceptive speed in the caption.

“Wasn’t expecting her to be that fast”

Grace Kelly’s last five or six months of college are going to be inherently different. She went from the first daughter of the head football coach, to the daughter of the now-former head coach who packed his things and left in a HURRY.

With all of that being said, she is taking it in stride and having some fun with it. Good for her.