This New Bronny James Jr. Highlight Reel Is Absolutely Absurd Considering The Kid Is Only 14 Years Old

by 10 months ago

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Bronny James Jr. is 14 years old. FOURTEEN. Okay, he turns 15 on Sunday, but either way, at that age I thought my testicles were an oversized skin tag.

Bronny, on the other hand, has emerged as a 6-foot-2 freshman combo guard and one of the top-ranked players in the 2023 class, who already has a scholarship offer from Kentucky and big name programs like Duke, Kansas, North Carolina and UCLA courting the son of a legend.

The progression this kid has made is scary.

Ten months ago, Bronny threw down his first in-game dunk with his father looking on. He had just turned 14.

In less than a year’s time, Bronny, who is set to start his high school career with Sierra Canyon in California, has brought his game to astronomical heights.

I was dumbfounded watching this video of the latest highlight mixtape from Bronny’s summer season with Strive For Greatness and the North Coast Blue Chips.

Fucking wild.

Bronny still has a lonnng way to go to garner the hype his father did in high school.

Just last week, Metta World Peace described a 16-year-old LeBron James embarrassing then-current NBA players like Michael Finley, Jerry Stackhouse and Ron Artest in a game of pickup. It got so bad that Artest resorted to knocking Bron on his ass when he went up for a shot.

Still, the hype seems very real for the younger generation of James’.


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