Bryan Harsin Getting Rowdy In Auburn’s Student Section After Not Getting Fired Is The Stuff Of Legends

Bryan Harsin Got Rowdy With Auburn Students After Not Getting Fired


  • Despite what people have called a ‘Witch Hunt’ at Auburn, head football coach Bryan Harsin kept his job.
  • To celebrate, he showed up at the Tigers’ basketball game on Saturday and got rowdy with the students.
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It has been a wild seven days for Auburn head football coach Bryan Harsin. After a report came out last Thursday that said his immediate future with the program was in question, rumors immediately began to swirl.

Harsin had a losing record in his first season, saw a large amount of players transfer after the season, had his defensive coordinator take a large pay cut for a lateral move and will have to replace his third offensive coordinator in 13 months. Meanwhile, some of his former players called him out for creating a problematic culture on the Plains, while others stood strongly in his defense.

While all of this was unfolding, Harsin was on vacation. He offered a very vehement response to the accusations and rumors in which he denied any wrongdoing but then proceeded to stay quiet.

At Auburn, it was anything but. The university and its athletic program conducted an investigation into Harsin and, essentially, looked for reasons to fire him. That included the implementation of a new investigation cooperation policy.

Ultimately, Harsin kept his job.

Auburn announced on Friday that the investigation was complete and that Harsin was staying on as head coach.

Less than 24 hours later, Harsin pulled an all-time awesome move. He showed up at the Tigers’ home basketball game against Texas A&M on Saturday and took the student section up on their invitation.

Upon his arrival, the crowd went nuts. You just KNOW that the boosters in attendance who wanted him fired were FUMING.

Now that Harsin is staying at Auburn, the fanbase is about to rally around him like has never been seen before.

Not only did Harsin show up, but he stood front row.

And he got loud.

Harsin’s victory lap on Saturday is legendary. Auburn boosters wanted him fired so badly, but he kept his job and proceeded to let the world know by getting rowdy with the students on the very next day.