Classy Derek Jeter Gets Classy Moment at All-Star Game, Is Classiest in His Class

Derek Jeter went 2-for-2 in his final All-Star Game. More importantly, he provided the Vine of the year.

But all good things have to come to an end.

Just like his longtime teammate Mariano Rivera a year ago, Jeter received his own special tribute when he was replaced in the top of the fourth inning by Alexei Ramirez.

[mlbvideo id=”34580429″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

So now you know why your Yankees-obsessed co-worker’s eyes are all red and puffy this morning. Definitely an emotional night for baseball fans who’ve never hesitated to tell everyone Jeter plays the game the right way.


In all honesty, it was a pretty awesome moment even if, ahem, you think Jeter’s ability to ground out to second base has been over-appreciated.