Colin Kaepernick Tweets He Wants To Join Diddy In Buying The Panthers, Internet Loses Its Mind

by 1 year ago
Colin Kaepernick Tweets Diddy Buying Panthers

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In case you somehow hadn’t heard yet, Jerry Richardson announced he is planning to sell the Carolina Panthers after reports surfaced that he allegedly isn’t the best human being in the world.

Once news of this impending sale of an NFL team broke, Diddy, who had previously stated that he either wanted to buy the NFL or start his own professional football league, threw his hat in the ring as a potential buyer of the Carolina Panthers.

Not only that, Diddy stated the if he were able to purchase the Panthers, he says he would immediately sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick to a contract and put him in competition with Cam Newton for the starting job.

Once word spread that Diddy, the highest paid musician in 2017, was apparently serious about buying the Panthers other famous people also announced that they too wanted in on the action. One of those people is Carolina native and Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry.

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