You Can Place Bets On The Potential Fallout Of Conor McGregor’s Freakout Before UFC 223

Conor McGregor

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It’s safe to say last weekend’s UFC 223 was an absolute disaster thanks to headliner Max Holloway being declared medically unfit to fight for the lightweight championship, but Conor McGregor also managed to strike a major blow to the undercard when he injured multiple fighters after throwing a dolly through the window of a van at the Barclays Center. McGregor’s ill-advised decision resulted in him being arrested and hit with assault charges, which gives some merit to Dana White’s claim that it wasn’t a publicity stunt.

McGregor posted a $50,000 bail and will return to court in a couple of months to face the charges, and if you’re looking to make (or lose) some money in an unconventional way, then I have some great news. According to MMA Junkie, online sportsbook BetDSI is letting people make wagers on the legal ramifications of his temporary insanity with a series of prop bets concerning the potential fallout.

Here’s a full list of the things you can bet on:

Will Conor McGregor be banned for life from the UFC?

Yes +1200
No -2500

Will Conor McGregor receive a suspension from the UFC?

Yes -135
No -105

Will Conor McGregor serve a jail sentence in New York State?

Yes +800
No -1700

Length (days) of Conor McGregor jail sentence

Over 90 (+140)
Under 90 (-180)

The total amount the incident will cost Conor McGregor (includes States fines, athletic commission fines, UFC fines, all court awarded civil and criminal damages)

under 50k (+1500)
50k to 100k (+1000)
101k to 250k (+850)
251k to 700k (+500)
701 to 1.5m (+250)
1.51m to 3m (+350)
over 3m (+600)
No damages to pay and no fines (+10000)

McGregor hasn’t been suspended by the UFC and Dana White says that there’s a possibility he’ll fight by the end of the year, so if you’re going to bet on anything, that first one might be the way to go.

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