Conor McGregor Has Been Formally Charged With Assault For Punching A Man Who Turned Down A Shot Of His Whiskey

by 11 months ago
conor mcgregor charged assault whiskey punch

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It’s been a rocky couple of years for Conor McGregor, who found himself in a wee bit of trouble in 2018 after he flipped his shit at Barclays Center and threw a metal dolly through the window of a bus and injured some of its occupants in the process.

The Irishman would eventually be charged with assault thanks to the incident but managed to avoid jail time, as a judge sentenced him to community service and ordered him to take anger management classes.

However, it’s pretty safe to say those classes were fairly ineffective.

In March, McGregor was arrested in Miami after he snatched a phone out of a man’s hand before smashing it on the ground in a fit of rage.

He was arrested yet again for that incident and found himself at the receiving end of a civil complaint but managed to escape trouble after both the charges and the lawsuit were dismissed.

However, he wasn’t done there, as he followed up that performance by punching a dude at a pub in Ireland after the patron turned down a shot of his whiskey which, based on the reviews I’ve seen, was a pretty justifiable decision.

McGregor would ultimately apologize for sucker-punching the man (who is understandably not a fan of the fighter). Unfortunately for him, his mea culpa doesn’t cancel out the fact that he assaulted someone, and as a result, he’s now found himself officially charged with doing so according to ESPN.

Last month, Dana White said he expects McGregor to return to the UFC early next year but I guess we’ll find out if that’s still the case depending on what happens when he appears in court on October 11.

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