Golfers At ‘The Daly Cup’ Consumed An Unreal Amount Of Beer In Honor Of John Daly

golfer John Daly in the sun

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

The 4th annual Daly Cup took place last weekend at the Oeste Ranch Golf Club in Weatherford, Texas.

There were 120 golfers who competed in golf’s ‘unofficial 5th Major’ and raised $30,000 for the Heart of a Lion, John Daly – Major Ed Foundation, which raises funds to support our nation’s children, first responders, and veterans.

If ‘The Daly Cup’ rings a bell it might be because I wrote about last year’s Daly Cup here on BroBible in an attempt to show the world how this might be the single greatest tournament in golf.

The Daly Cup Pays Homage To John Daly’s Iconic Persona, Style, And Legacy

I want you, for a second, to close your eyes and picture John Daly in your mind. Is he ripping a dart? Is Long John holding a beer? Can you see his blonde mullet flowing in the wind?

In June 2022, John Daly claimed that he would have won ‘a lot more tournaments’ if the PGA Tour allowed him to play drunk and barefoot. And here are golfers among us who feel similarly about their own golf game…

The Daly Cup is a charitable golf tournament created by a Texan by the name of Brendon Morris and his friends who sought to bottle the essence of John Daly into a fun golf tournament. And they did so by creating the best set of rules imaginable.

– Everyone is encouraged to dress up as John Daly
– It’s a 2-man scramble event
– Each team gets 24 beers at their disposal, 12 of those beers are obligatory
– Every beer drank results in 1 stroke taken off the final score
– There are unlimited mulligans but the golfer must take a shot (of their choosing) before the mulligan

This year, Brendon Morris tells BroBible a new rule was created by competitors and it will be a part of the tournament going forward.

When a team records a birdie they fire up cigs on the green in honor of John Daly who, unfortunately, isn’t part of the event itself and is just being honored by the golfers (he was in Nola).

People flew from far and wide for 2023’s Daly Cup 4. One golfer flew all the way from Denmark but most were from Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas where John Daly resides.

The lovely ladies from Hooters, John Daly’s favorite restaurant, were in attendance:

The winning team shot a score of 53 at the Oeste Ranch Golf Club. That winning score of course included the 12 obligatory beers. The second-place finishers shot a 57.

SO MUCH BEER was consumed in honor of John Daly

Brendon Morris, the founder of the Daly Cup, tells me they had 47 cases of beer (24-packs) for this year’s event. At the conclusion of Daly Cup 4, there were only 1.5 cases (36 beers) left behind.

So there were 1,092 beers consumed by the 120 participating golfers and that’s not including any of the shots taken on the course, of which there are many because every shot taken leads to a free mulligan.

Morris told BroBible that on average, each golfer was taking 4-5 shots for mulligans throughout the round.

Creation of the Daly Cup

I previously asked Brendon Morris what the inspiration or catalyst was behind the creation of the Daly Cup. He told BroBible:

“I had the idea for my bachelor party. 14 of us went to Myrtle Beach and I wanted to do it on the first of 3 rounds. It was a hit and everyone on the course thought we were buffoons. Enough friends from home saw it after we posted about it that we had enough to get 48 out in 2021. In 2022 I capped it at 60, but could’ve easily been 90-100 if I had the energy to lock down the last groups.”

When I first saw the Daly Cup founder’s tweet about the rules I figured the best strategy would be to divide and conquer.

In my mind, it made the most sense to have a ‘designated ringer’ and a ‘designated drinker’. But Daly Cup founder Brendon Morris tells me that strategy blew up in a lot of teams’ faces in previous years.

I also asked him about the type of liquor everyone was using for shots. It’s not going to be a winning strategy to rip shots of 130-proof alcohol in the Texas Summer sun when you could be shooting low-ABV liquor.

He says most of the field was carrying Pink Whitney pocket shots (30% ABV / 60-proof). He also told me:

Daly Cup founder Brendon Morris also told me that due to the nature of everyone drinking on the course, the event polices itself by having teams keep track of their opponent’s scores and vice versa.

While John Daly himself wasn’t at this year’s Daly Cup 4 (he was competing at the Zurich Classic), they did raise $30,000 for the Heart of a Lion, John Daly – Major Ed Foundation.

And they did get a celebrity out there for Daly Cup 4, former Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland. Holland was out there with streamer Daltoosh (a fellow FSU alum) taking footage of the epic golf tourney held in honor of John Daly’s spirit.

It was a big crowd this year:

If you are reading this and wondering how you can get involved for Daly Cup 5 / the 2024 Daly Cup, just follow the Daly Cup on Instagram and Twitter. They make regular announcements about the next year’s event and it’s the best way to know when to sign up.