Darren Rovell Got Destroyed By The Internet For Mocking LSU Gymnastics’ Congratulatory Billboard

LSU’s women’s gymnastics team finished in second place behind the Oklahoma Sooners at the NCAA Gymnastics Championships on Saturday night. The team posted its second-best-ever score in a national final, so all in all the Tigers had themselves one heck of a good season.

As such, the university wanted to congratulate the women on their tremendous success in 2019 with an electronic billboard message expressing its appreciation for their accomplishment.

In and of itself, this isn’t really much a story. That is, until noted internet troll, former ESPN reporter Darren Rovell, decided to chime in on Twitter with another one of his patented horrible takes.

“No, you can’t put up a billboard for coming in second,” Rovell wrote on Twitter.

Then when people on Twitter took issue with Rovell’s stupid complaint he decided to double down by saying, “It’s a societal problem.”

Just don’t say he’s doubling down…

So finishing second in the entire nation and getting a billboard congratulating someone for it is the same as a participation trophy? Wow. This is bad even by Darren Rovell standards.

Naturally, because it’s what he does, Rovell ended up getting ratio’d for his poor tweet and even heard from members of the LSU gymnastics team.


Others also made some very salient points which, of course, Rovell completely dismissed.

And then there were just the replies calling him an idiot.


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