Deion Sanders Says That He’s ‘Ashamed’ Of NFL Teams Following The 2023 NFL Draft

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Deion Sanders has a lot going on in his life these days.

Coach Prime is in his first season as the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes and his team is currently experiencing a mass exodus from his team’s roster.

But Sanders doesn’t seem concerned.

Not only is he confident that the Buffs will fill out their roster with more-talented players, but he’s also got time to focus on the NFL Draft.

Sanders wasn’t watching the draft because of Colorado. Instead, he was tuned in to learn the fate of former Jackson State cornerback Isaiah Bolden.

He spent the past three seasons coaching Bolden with the Tigers.

Bolden had to wait for the seventh round and the 245th to hear his name called. He was also the only HBCU player selected in the Draft.

And Sanders doesn’t think that’s right.

“So proud is you @isaiahbolden23,” Sanders tweeted. “You deserved to be drafted much higher but I’m truly proud of u. I know how much u want this. I’m ashamed of the 31 other @nfl teams that couldn’t find draft value in ALL of the talented HBCU players & we had 3 more draft worthy players at JSU.”

Sanders may well have a point, too.

Jordan Brown reports that only 26 HBCU players went in the draft from 2010-2019. That number is down massively from 322 in the 1960s and 318 and in the 1970s.

Of course, the concentration of college football talent has never been more saturated at big schools as it is now. But it still seems the NFL could be overlooking a significant amount of talent.

It only takes one look at the rich list of names to come from HBCUs in the past. Jerry Rice, Walter Payton and Michael Strahan lead the way.

While there may not be as much talent as there was. It stands to reason that HBCUs are still pretty badly overlooked by NFL teams.