Deion Sanders Teases Star-Studded List Of Incoming Transfers Silently Committed To Colorado

Deion Sanders watches on during the Colorado spring game.

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Deion Sanders says he has a star-studded list of incoming players waiting to announce their transfer to Colorado. The first-year head coach teased this highly touted portal class in an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show.

The news is causing quite a stir on social media as fans react to Coach Prime’s remarks online.

Sanders has been under fire a bit for his transfer strategy in Boulder. Upon receiving the head coaching job, Prime essentially told players on the Buffs roster to hit the portal.

“I’m bringing my own luggage with me, and it’s Louis [Vuitton],” Sanders said in one of his first meetings with the team.

Many have followed suit, with more than 40 Colorado team members announcing their transfer decisions. Nearly half of those departures have come this week as a mass exodus is taking place in Boulder.

But according to Deion Sanders, it’s all a part of the plan.

He insists that he has a list of highly regarded prospects silently committed to join the roster.

We’ve already seen a few newcomers announce their decisions to play at Colorado. Those include Florida State’s Derrick McLendon, who announced his decision on Wednesday.

The Buffs are also favored to land four-star RB Alton McCaskill.

When speaking with Pat McAfee on his podcast this week, Sanders said that even more talent is on its way to Boulder this offseason.

“We already know what we’ve got coming in. Y’all just don’t know,” Sanders said. “When we release the list of guys that we’ve already got coming in, then everybody’s gonna say, ‘Oh, now I see what he was doing. Now, I understand.'”

He would go on to say that said list would be coming out soon.

College football fans were quick to post reactions on social media.

Others were a bit more skeptical.

Hopefully, Coach Prime did everything by the books.

If the group is as good as Coach Prime leads on, he’ll undoubtedly have the top transfer class of all-time. His 2023 group already ranks as the best in the nation.

Many seem to doubt whether Deion Sanders’ approach to roster management will work. Here’s here to tell you, trust the process.