Deion Sanders Praises Colorado Campus Police After They Booted Son’s $400K Car

Deion Sanders on the field during Colorado's spring game.

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Deion Sanders threw his team’s turbulent history with the University of Colorado campus police aside on Monday, praising the group for keeping his kids accountable.

Taking things a step further, he offered to partner with the squad by providing them all with custom Coach Prime cowboy hats similar to the ones he’s often seen wearing around the city of Boulder.

It was a bit of a surprise!

Things haven’t always been “kosher” between the CU police and the Buffaloes football team. There have been a number of instances in which players have ripped the campus authorities, mainly relating to parking issues.

A few of the more notable moments involved the Sanders family, one of which saw Shedeur’s $400,000 Rolls-Royce booted in a campus lot.

Even Coach Prime has been ticketed. No one’s above the law!

On Monday, he not only putting the past in the past, but he commended the Colorado police for a job well done!

Deion Sanders wants to buy new cowboy hats for the campus authorities.

The department posted a photo on X showing an officer sporting a cowboy hat while standing next to his squad car. In the caption, the police thanked Coach Prime for the fashion tip.

Sanders responded with praise, as well as a generous offer!

I need a Official Police Cowboy Hat! I Can supply your entire staff Cowboy Hats if needed. Let me know. The entire staff has supported our team & challenged them to do right at all times. I’m forever grateful.

-Deion Sanders // X: @DeionSanders

The head coach thanked the police for a job well done, saying that he’s “grateful” to have their support both on and off the field. The interaction offered the perfect “welcome home” moment for Sanders, who spent his 4th of July holiday in South Beach.

The attention is now turning back to football as we inch closer to August.

Colorado will look to best a 4-8 output from last season as they transition into the Big 12. Things get started with a Week 1 matchup vs. North Dakota State late next month.