Draymond Green’s Mom Thinks Kevin Durant Is To Blame For Her Son’s Blunder That Led To Heated Exchange

Robert Laberge/Getty Images

This Kevin Durant/Draymond Green feud is the internal combustion basketball fans didn’t know we needed. If you need a timeline refresher on the saga, here it is:

  1. Draymond Green tried to play hero ball and ended up fumbling the ball during the waning seconds of regulation in Monday night’s Clippers matchup, robbing the Warriors of a last shot to win before eventually losing in overtime.
  2. Durant called out Green on the bench before overtime, resulting in a heated exchange where Green reportedly called KD a “bitch” several times.
  3. Draymond also reportedly prodded at KD about his impending free agency.
  4. Draymond was suspended without pay for Tuesday night’s game against the Hawks for “conduct detrimental to the team.”
  5. After Tuesday’s game, Durant claims he hadn’t smoothed things over with his teammate, appearing to still be very salty.
  6. An anonymous Warriors player admits ‘there’s no way Kevin Durant is coming back‘ [in free agency] after heated exchange.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any juicier, Draymond’s mother, Mary Babers Green, has chimed in on social media defending her son from criticism and coaching Kevin Durant on how to execute late-game situations.

This entire debacle would have been avoided if Steve Kerr called a timeout after Draymond snatched the rebound. Orrrrr Draymond could have passed the ball to literally any other Warrior on the court seeing as they have three of the best shooters to ever play. I’m no coach, just a fan assessment. Sorry, Mary Babers Green, but your son’s gotta pass the fucking rock.


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