Drunk Soccer Referees Stumble And Piss On Field During Game, Make Soccer Fun Again

drunk soccer referee czech football

Here’s a report from The Fumble Sports relaying footage of two drunk soccer referees trying to regulate while wasted during a Football Association of the Czech Republic match.

The riggity riggity wrecked referees have been banned from the league, but I would gladly welcome them to make a mockery of Major League Soccer. Maybe the refs saw the Spanish soccer team’s muscle uniforms and couldn’t handle them sober? Maybe they didn’t want to feel any blindsided kicks from disgruntled players?

I’d bet the only soccer most bros would be willing to watch without drinking would have to be the women’s slip-and-side league in Brazil. How a top-ranking FIFA official can be astonished by the level of intoxication at the World Cup is astonishing.

These refs were next level drunk. Not “I’m an airplane” drunk like this amateur hockey ref, but “This is a dream where I can do anything” drunk.

While the perception of soccer players is they’re not tough due to rampant flopping, soccer fans are a totally different story. I’m shocked the fans at this game with drunk refs didn’t burn down the stadium. Though, I must admit soccer player goal celebrations are way more salacious than other sports leagues.

You will never catch me playing soccer. But, I wouldn’t mind playing drunk, dizzy soccer like this bro.