Andruw Jones’s Son Makes Unreal Catch Like 10x Gold Glove-Winning Dad In State Championship (Video)

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  • As the son of Andruw Jones, Druw Jones has some big shoes to fill and he is well on his way.
  • The No. 1 high school prospect in baseball continues to make plays.
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Wesleyan baseball is the 2022 Georgia High School Class A Private state champion. The Wolves dominated their way through the state playoffs and capped things off with a definitive two-game series win on Tuesday.

At the forefront of Wesleyan’s lineup is Druw Jones, the son of former 10-time Gold Glove-winner Andruw Jones (who is wrongfully not a member of the MLB Hall of Fame). Jones, who is currently committed to Vanderbilt, is the No. 1 college recruit in the nation and projected to go No. 1 (maybe No. 2) overall in the upcoming MLB Draft.

Earlier this year, Jones silenced “overrated” chants by mashing a HUGE home run, and has hit a lot of very, very long home runs all year. There is a very good chance that he does not end up on campus in Nashville as a result.

Either way, wherever Jones ends up next season, he will enter as a state champion. The Wolves swept North Cobb Christian 3-0, 18-3 on Tuesday.

During the two games, Jones played really well. Unlike his father, who was not a big triple hitter, the younger Jones legged one out in Game 1 and looked incredibly smooth while doing so.

Later in the evening, just like his father, he showed off the glove. Jones tracked a deep fly ball to center and made a smooth, seamless over-the-shoulder catch that the vast majority of centerfielders— let along high schoolers— could make with such ease.

Needless to say, Jones is the top guy for a reason. Maybe he will be the first in his family to reach Cooperstown?