Floyd Mayweather Jr. Was Wearing A $1M Hat Covered In Diamonds For The Davis-Garcia Fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr diamond hat

Getty Image / Al Bello

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was one of the biggest celebrities in the house for the Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Mayweather actually had a stake, so to speak, in the bout as he was in the ring with Gervonta Davis prior to the bout. And after Davis KO’d Garcia, he thanked Floyd Mayweather Jr. while embracing him in the ring.

While appearing alongside Davis, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was wearing multi-millions worth of jewelry.

Floyd had a $1 million chain on that he’d acquired in February from celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang. He had other chains on as well.

But it was Floyd Mayweather’s hat that is now making headlines. His hat was covered in diamonds and gems valued at $1 million according to TMZ Sports.

Mayweather’s $1 million hat was made by celebrity jeweler Shuki International, the same celebrity jeweler who recently announced he is suing Antonio Brown for not paying up on $1.1 million worth of ‘diamond fingers’.

Here is the million-dollar hat:

Shuki told TMZ Sports it took him a month to make Floyd Mayweather’s $1M hat with ‘invisible diamonds’ all over it. Interestingly, Shuki let Floyd wear it ‘free of charge’ and now estimates the hat would be worth $5 million ‘on the auction block’ due to the number of diamonds and prestige.

Floyd also showed off these new jewels last month:

One thing is clear about Floyd Mayweather Jr., if he wants it he gets it. He has an estimated net worth of somewhere between $450 and $560 million and there’s not much he cannot afford, including a $1M diamond hat.