Gronk’s People Say He Is ‘100% NOT Dating’ Camille Kostek, So Why Is She 100% Acting Like They Are?

For almost two years now we, and many others in the media, have been under the impression that Rob Gronkowski was dating sexy former Patriots cheerleader Camille Kostek.

This has been fueled by several things, not the least of which are the many insinuations she has made on her Instagram account.

There has also been story after story, including on our site, referring to her as Gronk’s girlfriend. Plus, she was recently on Comedy Central where she was referred to as Gronk’s girlfriend and she made ZERO effort to say otherwise.

Now, TMZ reports…

Rob Gronkowski is NOT dating ex-Patriots cheerleader Camille Kostek … and hasn’t been dating her for months … despite reports to the contrary, this according to multiple Gronk sources.

Here’s the deal … we’re told Rob and Camille “had a fling” a while back — but it was never anything official and Gronk has moved on.

Thaaaaaat doesn’t sound like they’re in a relationship.

And yet…

She’s been posting various photos on social media wearing Gronk’s jersey — and attending Patriots games in various cities (she’s currently in Houston) … giving the impression they’re together.

But multiple Gronk sources tell TMZ Sports they’re “100% NOT dating, period.”

I think all of us kind of wondered how it was possible for Gronk to have settled down with one woman, knowing his proclivities, and it sounds like our hunches were right.

So… what is Kostek’s deal? Surely she isn’t just trying to milk her “fling” with Gronk to further her career, right?

TMZ did reach out to Kostek for comment, but so far they haven’t heard anything back yet. Go figure.

Whatever the reason, and we have a pretty good guess, we’re certainly not mad that we now know who she is, because, well…