Behind The F-1 Pit Stop: Here’s Everything That Goes Into A 2-Second Pit Stop And It’s Mind Blowing

The 2-second pit stop is now the benchmark for success in the Formula 1 racing world after a world record was set earlier this year at the Formula-1 race in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. You can check out footage of that world record setting 1.92-second pit stop as well as exclusive pictures from the event (which my cousin who was at that race sent me).

As for the video at hand, we’ve got the Red Bull Racing Team, one of the most prestigious motor teams on the planet, explaining all of the moving parts that go into pulling off a 2-second pit stop and it’s pretty f’n incredible. There are just so many moving parts it’s incredible how 18 members of the Pit Crew Team can all come together and move in swift harmony, completely overhauling a car in under TWO SECONDS:

And here’s that world record GIF from the Baku F1 race earlier this year:


…(h/t Popular Mechanics)…