Hulk Hogan Gets Body Slammed For Photo Of His Wife Jennifer Celebrating Being ‘Back On The Beach’

Hulk Hogan Criticized For Photo Of Wife Jennifer Back On The Beach

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Considering the fact that, as usual, the state of Florida is trying its dead best to wreck things for the rest of the country by continously ignoring all recommendations for social distancing and self-isolation ever since the pandemic began spreading in the United States, it’s little wonder that famous Florida resident Hulk Hogan now finds himself in hot water for something related to the current health scare.

With Florida reopening many beaches throughout the state over the weekend (and Floridians once again completely ignoring all social distancing recommendations), Hulk Hogan’s wife Jennifer jumped at the chance to finally get “back on the beach.”

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“My wife Jennifer ‘Mrs.Hogan’ jumping for joy that she’s back on the beach brother ‘ Rideordie/life partner/honest positive/real/love4LifeHH #clearwaterbeachflorida #hogansbeachshop #grateful #awareness,” Hogan wrote alongside a photo of Jennifer in a bikini jumping on the beach.

Yes, Jennifer has got some serious hops, but that wasn’t what folks on social media wanted to talk about. Instead, people were more than a little pissed off that they were on the beach, potentially spreading the pandemic even further.

(Much like “The Juice” does repeatedly on Twitter, Hogan attempted to hide some of the replies to his post. Good one, big man.)

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Hogan responded to the complaints with another tweet, “For the people that don’t know or are just haters,that is my private beach that I bought and no one else is allowed one love one God4LifeafterLifeHH.”

Technically, in the state of Florida, he only owns up to the high tide line, but, you know…

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