Jake Paul & Jorge Masvidal Come Face To Face But Fans Think It’s Staged

Jake Paul

Getty Image / Megan Briggs

Jake Paul has been talking trash with what seems like the entire UFC roster. One guy he has routinely clashed with is fan favorite Jorge Masvidal.

However, the two rarely have chances to come face to face. Especially right now as Paul prepares for a boxing match against Nate Diaz.

On Thursday, that all changed. While Jake Paul was filming at the betr Warehouse, Jorge Masvidal showed up unannounced.

The two met outside and faced off. Paul asks Masvidal “why are you trying to cause trouble?” That’s when the trash talking starts.

But the video cuts off rather quickly, leading fight fans to believe the entire thing was staged. The multiple camera men perfectly placed around the scene doesn’t help either.

Check out the clip and see for yourself.

Was it staged? Maybe. There really is now way of knowing unless one of them comes out and says it.

Regardless, fight fans fully believe this was a fake encounter.

There’s a real chance that Jorge Masvidal is simply a guest for the new BS With Jake Paul podcast.

This guy makes a solid point.

Meanwhile, this dude can’t take the cringe.

Perhaps this is all to setup a possible boxing match between Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal down the road.

Or, it could just be that Masvidal is a guest on Paul’s podcast.

Either way, fans aren’t buying it.

What is real though is that Jake Paul will be taking on Nate Diaz on August 5. After a wild press conference, who knows how that fight is going to play out?