Jeff Fisher Responds To Being Name-Dropped In Jon Gruden’s Homophobic Emails, Fans React

Jeff Fisher Responds To Mention In Jon Grudens Homophobic Emails

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  • It was revealed in the WFT email leak that Jon Gruden used a homophobic slur as he denigrated then Rams coach Jeff Fisher for drafting an openly gay player, Michael Sam.
  • Fisher has responded to being mentioned in the email leak, strongly denying what Gruden said and reinforcing his support of athletes like Sam.
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Among the many disturbing things to come out of the leaked Washington Football Team emails involving Jon Gruden was the now former Raiders head coach’s obvious disdain for anyone that is homosexual.

In addition to calling NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a homophobic slur in one email, Gruden also berated St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher for drafting an openly gay player in Michael Sam during the 2014 NFL draft.

In that email, Gruden wrote that Goodell should not have pressured Jeff Fisher to draft “queers” – a reference to the Rams taking Sam, who played his college football at the University of Missouri.

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Tuesday night, Fisher responded to Gruden’s email claims regarding the Rams’ selection of Michael Sam in 2014.

“Michael Sam was the SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year in 2013, and we selected him in the 2014 NFL Draft based on his defensive production and pass rushing skill set on the field,” Fisher said in a statement shared on social media.

“As a head coach for over 20 years, we drafted or didn’t draft, players based on a variety of qualities. Their sexual orientation would never – and should never – play a part in the decision-making process.

“I continue to support Michael, and his decision to come out as the first daft eligible openly gay player in the league. It took courage to serve as a role model for those competitive football players who may also happen to be gay.

“Lastly, the NFL never encouraged or discouraged me regarding the selection of a potential prospect.”

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Many NFL fans, including the former CEO of the Raiders, Amy Trask, appreciated what Fisher had to say.

Not everyone was buying it though.

Sam, who ended up never playing a down in a regular season NFL game, has not directly commented on Gruden’s email since the leak, but has subtly made his thoughts on the matter pretty well known.