Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Takes Cheap Shot At Bulls’ Zach LaVine And His Wild $78 Million Contract

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Zach LaVine just got (over)paid. The Chicago Bulls offered the 23-year-old a hefty four year, $78 million contract after matching the Sacramento Kings made and offer and set the price in free agency. The contract is steep, even among Bulls fans, who over half polled view to be too steep for a player second or third option player with knee problems who played just 24 games all season with Chicago last season.

The two-time Slam Dunk Champion could just be scratching the surface of his potential and if he continues to develop, this high price tag could be warranted, but one entity isn’t convined: Maryland-based seafood restaurant Jimmy’s Famous Seafood.

The exchange started with a fan asking Jimmy’s to open a restaurant in Chicago, to which they responded that they’d open one if Michael Jordan came out of retirement. It devolved from there.

This isn’t the first time Jimmy’s has gone full barbarian on Twitter. Just the other day, they took an unwarranted shot at PETA.

It’s amazing to think that this dude behind the Jimmy’s Seafood Twitter account probably weighs 105 pounds soaking wet, eats his boogers, and has never been laid. The beauty of the internet is that you can be anything you want, kids! is the pinnacle of human evolution—built like Zeus with the hair of Uncle Jesse Katsopolis and a jawline chiseled from marble. He’s also a divine lover, according to my wife.

We had to make some edits to avoid the wrath of Jimmy.

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