J.J. Watt Shares Great Story About Philip Rivers Telling An Opponent He’s Lined Up Wrong

JJ Watt Story About Philip Rivers Telling Opponent Hes Lined Up Wrong

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It was revealed on Wednesday that 17-year NFL veteran quarterback Philip Rivers is hanging up his helmet and retiring after spending 16 seasons with the Chargers and one with the Colts.

Rivers finishes his excellent career with 63,440 yards passing (fifth all time), 421 touchdowns (fifth all time), and a record of 134-106 as a starter (fourth most regular season wins by a starting QB in NFL history).

To say he is a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame would be an understatement.

While he went just 5-7 in the playoffs, only reaching the AFC Championship once (a 21-12 loss to the Patriots in 2007), Rivers was still one of the smartest players on the field during any game he played.

A perfect example of Rivers’ football intelligence came to light on Wednesday when Houston Texans star JJ Watt tweeted, “I’ll never forget lining up for a play and Phil pointing to one of our linebackers and telling him he was lined up wrong based off the blitz we were about to run and being 100% correct about it haha.

“One of the smartest I’ve ever played against and a hell of a competitor.”

Watt later corrected himself, so as not to offend Rivers – probably the greatest clean trash talker the NFL has ever seen.

Watt was far from the only current and former NFL player to express his admiration for Rivers in the wake of his retirement announcement.

We’re definitely going to miss this guy.