Dodgers’ Pitcher Joe Kelly Wore A Mariachi Jacket To The White House

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Joe Kelly loves a good time. The Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher has perfected the art of trolling, mocking Houston Astros fans with an all-time great pouty face meme.

The Dodgers celebrated their 2020 World Series win with a visit to the White House on Friday, leading to another all-time great Joe Kelly moment.

Joe Kelly mariachi jacket: The backstory

Kelly recently befriended a trumpet player in a Mariachi band at Dodger Stadium. In a friendly exchange, Kelly traded his jersey for the member’s mariachi jacket.

Here’s the exchange during the game:

Naturally, Joe Kelly wore the mariachi jack to the White House on Friday, posing in front of George P. A. Healy iconic 1869 portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

What a legend.

Joe Kelly ‘Fit check:

No one gonna comment on that impressive lettuce on the back of his head? That flow is coming in strong with the mustache.

Joe Kelly rules.

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