Katie Nolan And Tommy Dreamer Critiquing The Bills Mafia Wrestling Exploits Is A Great Excuse To Relive The Madness

Katie Nolan Bills Mafia

Nothing has been more abundantly clear about the NFL season than this: Buffalo Bills fans have brought it harder than anyone else in football tailgating history.

Horrendous dizzy bat fails, a few epic RKOs out of nowhere, moonsaults, suplexes, chokeslams, and simply hurling oneself through a burning table. The Bills Mafia has set the bar at unimaginable heights for future degenerate alcoholics and it’s a goddamn shame they aren’t in the playoffs because I’d seriously pay to see videos like this every weekend.

Well, thanks to Katie Nolan and ECW wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer, you can relive all the Bills Mafia madness with this awesome video. Oh, and listen up Bills fans, because Tommy Dreamer has some professional critiques for you.

As I’ve said after every Bills Mafia post I’ve been fortunate enough to pen this season, it’s seriously a miracle no one died in the parking lot of Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Until next year, Bills Mafia. But on second thought, can you start doing this prior to Sabres games, too?

[h/t Deadspin]

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