GOAT MLB Commentator Keith Hernandez Hilariously Shouts Out Ex-Wives While On-Air

WATCH: Keith Hernandez Hilariously Shouts Out Ex-Wives While On-Air


While the New York Mets may be half-decent this year — they were the first team in the National League to reach 50 wins this year — their lead atop the NL East is tenuous at best.

And considering the fact that the team chasing them down is the defending World Series champions, any *seasoned* Mets fans should find it difficult to feel good about the Metropolitan’s championship prospects, at least for now. All that said, this is an up year for the Mets and those need to be cherished whenever they (rarely) pop up.

Regardless, though, whether it’s a last-place year, a Wild Card year, or a pennant year, there’s one thing the New York Mets and their fans will always have going for them — well, not always since the name I’m about to mention has teased he’ll retire in the coming years — it’s the broadcasting booth of Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, and Keith Hernandez, a trio that’s widely considered to be the best in the business.

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Keith Hernandez shouts out his two ex-wives during a Mets broadcast

Whether the Mets are getting beat down, blowing a team out, or are ensnared in a tight ballgame, the trio of Cohe, Darling, and Hernandez never fail to make the game entertaining for Mets fans, particularly Hernandez, who is essentially the “class clown” of the three.

The 68-year-old former NL MVP, who led the Mets to a legendary World Series title in 1986 and had his #17 retired by the organization over the weekend, reminded the baseball world why he’s a one-of-a-kind MLB play-by-play guy earlier this week when the Mets were playing Atlanta by shouting out his two ex-wives during the middle of the broadcast.

With Hernandez approaching 70 years old, Mets fans ought to cherish his tenure as the team’s color commentator for as long as they have him.