Kevin Durant Argues With A Bunch Of NBA Fans On Twitter In Another Lengthy Tweet Storm

Kevin Durant Got Into Arguments With Brooklyn Nets Fans On Twitter

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You’d be hard pressed to find a professional athlete out there with a worse case of rabbit ears than Kevin Durant when it comes to social media.

The 31-year-old NBA star is currently still out thanks to a ruptured Achilles he suffered in the 2019 NBA Finals, so he has more free time than usual, which, if you follow him on Twitter, then you know that is not always a good thing for him.

Back in October, Durant got into it with Knicks fans on Twitter. In September, he mixed it up with fans who dared criticize him. In August, Durant fought with fans over Devin Booker. You get the picture.

This week, with the Brooklyn Nets sitting at eighth in the Eastern Conference with a robust 16-20 record after reeling off seven losses in a row, CBS Sports Radio’s Brandon Tierney wrote on Twitter, “Nets win 7 straight, no one cares. Nets lose 7 straight, no one cares. Speaks volumes.”

That was all it took to get Durant’s Twitter machine fired up.

One has to assume that Tierney’s point is that in New York it doesn’t matter either way – the Nets are still struggling to be relevant in the Big Apple.

Durant’s reply, unfortunately for him, was in the form of a question, leading NBA fans to provide a plethora of answers, many of which Durant did not appreciate.

And on and on it went…

Then, just to make sure everyone was paying attention, KD fired his Twitter machine back up Thursday morning to chop it up some more with fans.

And so on and so on… we’re like 40 tweets in and he’s still going as I write this.

Love it.