Kevin Durant Squashed An OKC Fan Who DM’d Him On Instagram To Whine About His Leaving

kevin durant fan dm instagram

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Kevin Durant has been spending much of his first offseason as an NBA champion conversing with random fans on social media. Quite an unusual move for a person as high-profile as him, but very refreshing to see.

Not all of his social media posts have made sense, but that’s kind of been his M.O. over the years.

For instance, Durant wanted a teacher fired for negatively comparing him to Michael Jordan awhile back. And then there was the time he got into a Twitter fight with a guy who named his dog after him.

I guess it’s pretty much a given that being as big a name as Durant is, being so open on social media will inevitably lead to trolls trying to get a rise out of you. Which is exactly what happened recently when a Oklahoma City Thunder fan DM’d Durant on Instagram to whine (again) about his leaving.

Durant wasn’t having it though, laughing and telling him to STFU before dropping the fact hammer on him.

Here’s a better look at the entire exchange…

Well, at least it had a happy ending. Now if we can just get The Rock to return some of Tyrese’s texts everything will be right with the world again. Sort of.

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