Kevin Durant (Once Again) Defends Himself On Twitter Against Steve Kerr Criticizing His Excessive Twitter Use

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant responds to criticism from his former coach, Steve Kerr, regarding his excessive Twitter use

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During his three seasons with the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant proved why he’s one of the best players the NBA has ever seen. The future Hall of Famer won two titles in the Bay Area. He helped guide the Dubs to a dynasty. And he paired with sharpshooters Steph Curry and Klay Thompson to form one of the most dangerous trios in the modern era.

But Durant also brought a lot of dysfunction to the Warriors, too. He clashed with teammate Draymond Green — which, ultimately, led to a breakup during the 2019 offseason. He also had occasional run-ins with his head coach Steve Kerr, who has talked about how difficult the final season with KD was.

Well, because people love drama, Kerr was recently interviewed for a new book entitled “Can’t Knock the Hustle” by Matt Sullivan, which has been referenced in the past month or so for its juicy details about Kevin Durant. Add Kerr to the list of controversy now.

According to Kerr, Durant was unhappy most of that final season on the Warriors, and he was more interested in in trying to defend himself against criticism.

Per Larry Brown Sports:

The Warriors coach spoke about how unhappy Durant was during his final season with Golden State, and he said he believed a lot of that stemmed from Duran’t inability to tune out criticism.

“I could see the strain on his face every day, especially that third year, just all day,” Kerr told Sullivan. “But it was, really, he was staring into that phone all the time.”

Sullivan further discussed that portion of his book during an interview with “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” podcast this week.

Sullivan said Kerr took Durant out for a drink one night during Duran’t final season with the Warriors and encouraged him stop paying attention to trolls. Kerr said he told Durant that NBA legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James all said “f— it” at one point during their careers and stopped caring what others thought about them.

If we’re being honest, nobody doubts Steve Kerr’s proclamation, as Kevin Durant is well-known for turning to Twitter to defend himself from criticism and interact with fans — even if it’s done via a burner account. Yet, because KD couldn’t help himself, once Sullivan’s interview with Le Batard was shared on Twitter, the now Brooklyn Nets star tried to justify his Twitter use by… using Twitter.

Look, I’m not here to shun Durant for using Twitter as much as he does; that’s his own thing. But it’s weird AF to see how thin his skin still is after all these years in the spotlight as one of the NBA’s best players. He’s rattled too easily, and, because of that, things on social media typically cause him to react.

While that often isn’t an issue, it’s just… childish. His game speaks for itself, so he shouldn’t feel the need to defend himself via Twitter. Just laugh it off privately and move on — especially in this case since it’s been two years since he played for Steve Kerr and the Warriors.

But, hey, Durant’s going to keep doing what he wants to. I may not agree with it. You may not agree with it. But he clearly carves out enough time to “interact with basketball fans” in order to try and make himself look better; even if it does the exact opposite nearly every time.

(H/T Larry Brown Sports)